Welcome to the The Little Gin Shack Limited’s Help page.

We believe that purchasing on-line should be as easy and painless as buying in a store. In all cases we endeavour to be fair to the consumer and, at a minimum, comply with all legal requirements for selling on-line.

The links below should guide you through all the legal stuff we have to have these days but we have also provided a plain-English guide so you can see what all those long documents are really saying...

Purchasing Terms | Website Terms | Privacy Policy


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Process:

As you can see form the diagram below it's a pretty standard 4 step process using a secure third party provider, Sage Pay, to handle all the money stuff. You are taken from our site to a secure Sage Pay payment page. Once payment has been confirmed you will be returned to the The Little Gin Shack Limited’s website which will confirm that your order has gone through and will be processed. It really is a simple process, but if you have any things you would like us to simplify, then please let us know.

Buying Online security:

Lots of people worry about buying on-line, but it really is a very straight forward and secure process, as long as you follow some basic security rules:

Don't give out your Pin number to anyone: bona-fide websites will not ask for your pin number or passwords, they will only require your credit card number, the 3 pin-security number, card-holder address and the name on the card. Everything else is explained in the Sage Pay system itself as you go through the payment process.

Don't respond to emails requesting you to confirm card/account details: Bona-fide websites will not send you emails asking you to confirm passwords or card details.

The Little Gin Shack Limited uses the largest industry leading card payment processor, Sage Pay, so that your payment details are guaranteed secure. Only Sage Pay verify your details, no one at The Little Gin Shack Limited ever gets to see or access your card details.

Purchasing Terms:

Our terms are based on the principle of do to others as you'd like done to you... bit old fashioned but we find it works :)

  • If we cancel an order you won't get charged
  • We try and make sure the website is trouble free, but if there are glitches please accept our apologies - the internet can be an awkward partner and does have a mind of it own sometimes.
  • If anything goes wrong whilst you are ordering, have no fear you won't be charged
  • All 5 steps have to be completed 100% for an order to go through.
  • We will send you an email of order confirmation
  • If we misprice anything then you will be charged the lower of the prices... it's a fair cop if it is our mistake.
  • All our prices are in good old English pounds
  • All the items on the website are in stock
  • If you order something that turns out to be out of stock (perhaps 2 people ordered an item at exactly the right time) we will cancel the order and refund you any money taken from your card.
  • We will always do our best to make sure you get what you ordered when we said we would deliver it. If it doesn't go to plan we will do our best to sort it but we can't be held accountable for anything but the cost of the goods.


It's pretty straight forward - there's a delivery table and there's a price.

  • Packaging and Delivery is £6.00 per bottle for standard UK delivery (3-5 days).
  • Orders over £100 are free in the UK for standard delivery (3-5 days)
  • If you want it quicker it costs a bit more as we have to use a courier £8.00 per bottle, but we must receive your order before 12 midday

(otherwise we miss the courier who will be rushing it to you overnight!).


OK - let's be honest we hate returns, they are a pain. It costs heaps to send stuff back and forth to keep our customers happy so we have a pretty standard returns policy.

  • If you have to return an item because you don't like it when it arrives then you have to pay the postage back to us.
  • If an item is damaged or not as described on the website then we will pick up the tab.
  • To return an item, it must come back as it was sent to you, i.e. still sealed, with the packaging and not half drunk.
  • We will credit you for returned goods as soon as we get them back, as long as they are in the same condition.
  • We don't do exchanges, we prefer to cancel and refund the original order and then get you to order the replacement item. It's much simpler this way and saves confusion.


Website Terms:

All the content on our website is copyright so please don't copy it or use it for anything else.

Please don't mess up our website (to the hackers and geeks out there)



Your privacy will always be maintained when you are using The Web site.

We use "cookies" to enhance the way the website performs for you. These are little files that sit on your computer and tell the website how to display things such as video etc.

We do not store anything on your computer that will personally identify you to us.

We do not record any information about you when you visit our website unless we expressly need to for the reason of fulfilling an order.

Any details we do store will not be used for any other reason.

If you do give us your email we will only send you emails of useful information IF you tick a box and explicitly ask us to.

Customer Details Management

Your information is only stored if you make a purchase and you set up a passowrd

You can remove any information at any time in the Customer Area